Walled garden talks: new planting tours

All images by: Kate Hobbs

I was delighted to welcome 26 people to three tours around the Walled Garden during a pleasantly warm afternoon on Sunday June 19. First, a brief introduction to how the garden had evolved into its present state, from fruit and vegetable garden for Brockwell Hall when privately occupied, through to the present modernised version of the traditional shrub and herbaceous border garden developed when Brockwell became a public park in 1892.  Touring the garden, we focused on new, longer flowering varieties of old favourites, with geraniums and salvias especially making an impact in beauty and as bee attractors.


As the summer and autumn progress, other new plants will create an ever-changing picture.

FOBP continues to donate money for plants (many raised in the Community Greenhouses) and to do regular volunteer gardening work.

Laura Morland, Park Liaison Officer, FOBP


In her modesty, Laura has failed to mention all her work in designing the planting of the Walled Garden and in leading the team of volunteers implementing it. All Park users are indebted to her for her many contributions to this jewel in the crown of Brockwell Park and we thank her for them.

On a sad note, at the end of May, there were thefts of plants to the value of more than £100 from the Walled Garden. This was ‘definitely a theft of valuable plants, and not random vandalism’, according to Rory Harding from Brockwell Park Community Gardens. There have been similar thefts from the planting around Norwood Lodge. It is depressing that there are people knowledgeable enough to know the value of what they selfishly steal, lacking the decency to allow to all Park visitors the enjoyment of plants given by charities such as FOBP, BPCG and BPCP, and private individuals.

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