Donate to Beauty Banks at the Lido

Please take a few minutes to read this request from regular Lido swimmer Vanessa:
Hi everyone! 
Did you know you can now donate your excess toiletries to Beauty Banks in the same way you can with food to food banks? It was wonderfully cathartic to hand over my toiletries graveyard:)
Beauty Banks are a non-profit collecting toiletries and beauty products for people in serious poverty who are finding it challenging to keep clean. Unsurprisingly most people on the poverty line will choose food over hygiene when they have to. It’s a tough choice. British girls from low-income families are missing days of school during their periods because they can’t afford sanitary protection. Adults are having to go to shelters to have a shower with toiletries. It’s a massive hit on an already low self esteem.
If you do have any UNOPENED toiletries that you can donate (wish list below) then please
1.     bring to the lido and give to Vanessa or
2.     email her here to arrange handover as she’s going to collect together individual donations and send off as one big parcel or
3.     donate products by adding them to your amazon basket here.

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