Cold Water Swimmers Wanted at Brockwell Lido this Sunday

Photographer and cold water swimmer Michael Wharley has a little project: to do before-and-after shots of swimmers this Sunday. In case you don’t know him, I attach a photo of him clothed. He will be poolside this Sunday 26 November from pool opening at 7.45am to close at 12.15pm and would love to photograph you if you’re game. If you would like to contact him beforehand, his website is below.

Michael says: “I’ve loved the Lido for years and I want to shoot portraits of its diverse community of swimmers prepped for their swim, and then red/goosebumped and tingling afterwards, to share the apprehension, terror, numbing endurance, joy, exhilaration and release of an icy dip. In your Speedos or swimsuit, wetsuit or snuggly towel, begoggled and behatted, or clutching a flask in flipflops, it would only take a few minutes before and after your Sunday swim.”

The sign for Brockwell Lido
Wave at Michael on Sunday to get your portrait done.

Just wave at Michael on the poolside for your portrait.

Where: next to the pool, Brockwell Lido, before and after your swim.
When: Sunday 26th November 2017, 7.45am-12pm.
Duration: 2-3 mins either side of your swim.
Do I need to book a slot? No, just wave at Michael.
Is this for commercial use? No, it’s a personal project.

About Michael:

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