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  • Brockwell Park 2016
    The other day there was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I wished I could have gathered the whole Council on the top of the hill that is Brockwell Park. As far as the eye could see were scattered clumps of sitting, picnicking, lying people. This is what parks are about; the unique function that distinguishes them from pleasure gardens, sportsgrounds, […]
  • Walled garden talks: new planting tours
    All images by: Kate Hobbs I was delighted to welcome 26 people to three tours around the Walled Garden during a pleasantly warm afternoon on Sunday June 19. First, a brief introduction to how the garden had evolved into its present state, from fruit and vegetable garden for Brockwell Hall when privately occupied, through to the present modernised […]
  • Lambeth Country Show 2016
    Come and catch us at the Lambeth Country Show 2016 So it’s officially 18 sleeps now till the Lambeth Country Show 2016. We’re dreaming about the sleepy-eyed owls, the jousting, the sheep shearing, the Victoria sponges and those vegetables misshapenly looking like some celebrity misadventure. Basically we can’t wait. It’s on […]