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  • Ten Years of SixteenFeet Productions in Brockwell Park
    This year is the tenth anniversary of SixteenFeet Productions offering summer plays for children of all ages in the Walled Garden. This summer, it will be showing its ever-popular production of Wind in the Willows, from 25-31 July. Friends of Brockwell Park are proud to support this excellent company, which is also running a fundraising appeal […]
  • Items on display at Lambeth Country Show 2017FoBP seriously concerned about Lambeth Country Show
    The Friends of Brockwell Park (FOBP) is deeply concerned about the decision by the London Borough of Lambeth (LBL) to fence off the Lambeth Country Show (LCS) this July 21–22, and impose stringent security, including the banning of all drinks being brought into the park. This is the first time in more than 40 years this has happened. The FOBP believes […]
  • Come and celebrate Brockwell Park’s trees
    You are invited to our annual tree celebration in Brockwell Park this Sunday June 17. We start at 2pm at the clock tower next to the cafe on the hill. It’s a wonderful and moving occasion when we walk around each tree donated in the last 12 months and hear the story of why it was planted. We will be joined by the new Mayor, Cllr Christopher […]
  • How was Field Day for you?
    As the curtain is about to come down on Field Day and Mighty Hoopla in Brockwell Park (1 to 3 June), we’d love your views on the weekend. How was it for you? Did you experience more or less disruption than anticipated? Would you say never again or happy to see the festival reappear next year? Were the noise levels OK or not so much? Have you seen […]
  • Join June Community Picnic in Brockwell Park
    A community picnic is taking place in Brockwell Park on Saturday 23 June as part of the nationwide Great Get Together. The bring-and-share picnic is open to everybody, of all ages and backgrounds. Picnickers are encouraged to bring food that fits the theme – ‘Your Favourite Food From Home’ – both to eat and to share with others. […]