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  • Donate to Beauty Banks at the Lido
    Please take a few minutes to read this request from regular Lido swimmer Vanessa: Hi everyone!    Did you know you can now donate your excess toiletries to Beauty Banks in the same way you can with food to food banks? It was wonderfully cathartic to hand over my toiletries graveyard:)   Beauty Banks are a non-profit collecting toiletries and beauty […]
  • FoBP Licensing Objections to Field Day 2018
    Please read below the Friends’ official objections to the proposed Field Day event this summer. We submitted these on 5 March 2018. Background The Friends of Brockwell Park is a membership charity that has been in existence for more than 30 years. We have reached our views on Field Day 2018 on the basis of regular surveys of our members and local […]
  • Song Thrush
    At the beginning of January this year, when walking in Brockwell Park, I saw a song thrush. Unmistakeable in its slim, elegant outline, whitish speckled front and greyish back. Shy, flying away straightway as I neared on the path. Too early in the year for her song, though. Quite different from the female blackbird, semi-tame, who would continue her […]
  • Field Day and Lovebox
    Friends of Brockwell Park has from the outset opposed the applications by Field Day/The Mighty Hoopla (1-3 June) and Lovebox/Citadel (13-15 July) to hold major events in Brockwell Park this summer, on the grounds that their size (up to 40,000 a day for three days, taking from a third to a fifth of the park for weeks at a time) was grossly […]
  • FoBP Opposes Two Major 2018 Brockwell Park Events
    PRESS RELEASE The Committee of the Friends of Brockwell Park (FOBP), at a special meeting held on 4 December, unanimously decided to oppose applications for two major events, proposed for summer 2018, as being of a scale wholly unsuited to a small urban park such as Brockwell. The FOBP’s principal objections to Field Day/The Mighty Hoopla (1-3 June) […]